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maeght: la galerie idéale
02.10.2009  -  
Ankara Galeri Nev, continues its exhibitions on European Modernism, which it had begun in 1985, a year after its inception, with original prints by Picasso, Dali and Bonnard, and followed more recently by Saura, Dubuffet and Alechinsky.
The new exhibition entitled “La Galerie Idéale” focuses on Paris, the capital of modernism in art and on its alluring cosmopolitan structure in the wake of World War II that had attracted many artists from Asia, Europe and America. Opening its Paris branch in 1946, Galerie Maeght, exhibits, extends support to and even discovers the most prominent names of this era; Adami, Calder, Miró and Ting are among the Maeght artists.
The lithographies, etchings and beaux livres which Maeght begins printing at its atelier ARTE, opened in Montparnasse at around the same time, plays an equally important part in artists’ presence within the international milieu of the metropolis. Soon Maeght becomes not only the exclusive gallery, but also the editor of the major artists from the twentieth century.
By brining to Ankara a representative collection from among the 12.000 original prints, in addition to 40 posters shedding light on the affluent history of Maeght exhibitions, Galeri Nev invites viewers to reflect on the relationship between Paris, modernism and art galleries, and on the relationship between modernist artists and gallery owners, while underlining the determining factor of such relationships on the art of the twentieth century.
Last but not least, thanks to this exhibition, organized with the contribution of the Institut Français d’Ankara, some of the most striking names of European modernism will be on display in Turkey for the very first time. “La Galerie Idéale” will be on view at Galeri Nev Ankara from 2 to 21 October, 2009.
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