Sergi Arsivi
"the new city consists but of a certain section of the old city"
03.05.2010  -  
“Our ninth stop-over after Istanbul was Ankara. Let us dwell upon Ankara a little. It is a city that falls within the continent of Galatia. For a certain period it had been the centre of the Gall tribes, the Tectosags. Plinius and Strabon have made mention of it. However, it is highly probable that, the new city, consists but of a certain section of the old city."

Turkish Letters, 1555
Ogier Ghiselin de Busbecq
The Austrian Ambassador to the Ottoman Sultan

Nilbar GÜREŞ
Ahmet ORAN
Nazım Ünal YILMAZ
Ankara Galeri Nev is closing the 2009-2010 season with the exhibition “Vienna-Ankara” brought about in cooperation with the Austrian Embassy. The show which will be opened on Monday, May 3, brings together eight artists who have successfully integrated in to the contemporary art milieu of Vienna after emigrating from Turkey.
The texts of the catalogue accompanying the exhibition have been penned by curator and writer Silvie Aigner, renown for the countless museum and collection exhibitions in Vienna and by Esra Akcan, an architectural historian and the author of the book entitled “Çeviride Modern Olan”.
The common reference of the works included in this exhibition will be Austrian architects and sculptors who arrived in Ankara, chosen to be the capital of the Turkish Republic, to take part in the establishment and structuring of the city. Within this context, a passage has been quoted as a subtitle to the exhibition, from the letters of the first Austrian diplomat, Busbecq, to visit Ankara in 1555. Although reference in the quotation “The new city consists but of a certain section of the old city” is made to the Ankara of ancient times, it is also valid for the Ankara of the Republican Era. As a matter of fact, the same phrase may be used for Vienna and many other cities. Thus, the exhibition invites viewers to ponder anew not only on Vienna and Ankara, but also to multiply these old/new art centres.
The exhibition at Ankara Galeri Nev will remain open until June 12.
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